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The best place for kids shoes – why would anyone go anywhere else if they can get great service, the proper fit and a fun atmosphere at Kiddie Kobbler St Laurent all rolled in to one.

Suzi Shore Sauve

Phenomenal customer service over the phone in answering my questions. I live in Kingston and the employee I spoke to on the phone was friendly, personable and very helpful…

Malina Jackson

You guys are so awesome! Thanks for making shoe shopping so fun!

Ottawa Capital Region Macaroni Kid
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Did You Know?!

1All babies are born with a fat pad where an arch would normally be in an adult foot, which makes them appear flat and cutely chubby. Arches don’t usually fully develop until children are about 2 years old.
2Your foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints, more than 100 tendons, muscles, and ligaments, and 250,000 sweat glands! That’s a lot of sweat!!
3A report published in the Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery suggests that 35% percent of people underestimate their shoe size at least half a size.

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